Blessed Beyond Measure

Doris Fok and Fok Fook Kong

On July 2017, I attended a conference in Toronto. Towards the end of the conference, I was looking forward to a relaxing time with my husband at a resort one and a half hours away from Toronto. However, on the last day of the Conference,  I was surprised to see him standing  near the water dispenser in the conference room. He shared that we were in a dire situation as our credit card was not activated for overseas use. Hence, we could not rent a car for our holiday.

We scrambled to arrange for a rental car in an alternative way. All the time wondering what to do next. In the midst of the “chaotic” situation, God granted us peace. I “bumped” into a gentleman that I met earlier at the breakfast table. I shared about our problem and he responded with, “Hang on, we may be able to help you.” I was so relieved. Apparently, this gentleman and his wife were Christians and they were willing to offer help to anyone in need.

They immediately put us in their vehicle and drove us to the supermarket for our week’s groceries. They acted as our tourist guides and explained the history and geography of the area were were in. We enjoyed their fellowship and shared about God’s goodness.

After my conference,  I felt exhausted and slept. On waking, I suggested to my husband that we should consider internet banking as our daughter in Singapore had access to our dongle.She  would be able to help us activate our credit card for overseas use. We immediately contacted her and the credit card problem was solved instantly. Renting a car was a non-issue. Our kind Canadian couple drove us to town to fetch the rental car.

We learnt precious lessons from this incident:-

  1. God provides and He does it in His own marvelous ways
  2. He divinely arranged for us to meet this God-fearing couple who served as our driver and tourist guide. What a blessing!
  3. God smoothen out the rough edges.
  4. We learnt to trust Him more…..
  5. God gave us even more – beyond our expectations. The receptionist at the holiday resort, heard about the dire situation.  She upgraded our apartment so that we can have a fully equipped kitchen to cook our meals. Our resort was in a remote area and without a car, it was not possible to drive out to the restaurants for meals. The apartment was a corner unit, on the ground floor. It was very spacious, with  2 bedrooms and a Jacuzzi. The surroundings were quiet, green and wooded.  In addition, the car rental company gave a free upgrade of a bigger and more comfortable car for our use.

We have been blessed beyond measure!

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The enemy of cancer

Charles Wu

In October 2016, I discovered several unusual lumps on my neck (lymph nodes). I consulted my ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor and had a biopsy of the lymph glands. It was informed that I suffered from Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC).   I was referred to a medical oncologist and a consultant radiologist for treatment.

I did not feel unwell.  I have had episodes of nose bleeds when young. However, I had more than usual nose bleeds 3 times in the months preceding October when the lymph nodes were discovered.  The lumps on both sides of my neck were not painful so I thought it might be caused by infection.  Thus, by the time I was diagnosed, I had Stage 4 disease.

I had no weight loss, neither felt fatigued.  I was carrying on with my job and routine as per normal.  On receiving the bad news, I said, “OK, let’s deal with it and find ways to manage it.”   I was not shocked or panicky. My calm attitude was largely due to my belief that my Heavenly Father loves me and will take care of me as He has done for the past 65 years.

My hospital experience as a healthcare worker in USA and Singapore was immensely helpful.            In the past, I have had opportunities to help my foreign friends with doctor appointments when they underwent treatment in the National University Hospital (NUH).  Now, I’ve become a patient who will receive treatment in a cancer and radiation clinic for the next five months.

From the beginning to the end of chemotherapy (29/11/16 – 7/4/17), I did not experience the common side-effects such as bloating, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.  It was as if I was not cancer stricken at all.  My radiation caused me to have some soreness around my neck and mouth.  I requested not to be tube fed, although I had difficulties swallowing.  I was able to eat small portions of my meals with supplements of six Ensure drinks daily. The latter was coffee flavored. I loved it.  The skin dryness and mouth sores healed in time.  One year later, I still suffer from dry mouth and can only taste 80% of the flavor of the foods I ate. I was so happy when in October 2017, I was able to eat sambal and chili again!

In January 2018, a repeat MRI and scope showed clearance of my NPC.  I thank my GREAT Physician above and friends who encouraged and prayed for me. I decided not to share my plight of NPC to everyone. , but only to those who witnessed a change in me.  I lost some hair (more aging than the treatment), and 10 kg. I have regained 4 kilos already.  It’s funny how hard it is to gain as to lose weight.

From the moment they told me of my diagnosis, I have been at peace.  I trust in God (Psalms 62:8), have family love and support, plus brothers and sisters-in-Christ, like Dr. Boey and HCF, who pray constantly for me.  As I journeyed through my treatment, I was surrounded by knowledgeable and caring NUH staff who made the experience tolerable and easier to go through.

Lessons I learnt from the cancer bout:

  1. Expect the Unexpected - Things can appear suddenly and may inconvenience us.         We have to face it head- on and find ways to manage.
  2. Know Who is in charge – Life is easier if we know that each of us has limitations and our God is the One who has the final say.
  3. Cooperate - Regardless of the problem, whether illness or financial, work together with the experts to resolve the issue.
  4. Be grateful and share – your story may inspire and encourage others who are going through similar situations.  We all can be OVERCOMERS.

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Testimony of JCHC

8 Sep 2016

I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematousus (SLE) in 1991 and treated with oral corticosteroids for many years.As a child in a Christian school, I “accepted” Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I believe that the seed of the gospel was sown then, although it did not bloom till my mid-forties.

When I had SLE, well- meaning Christian friends brought me to different churches and “healing” services. However, I doubted the existence of God and I did not have the faith to believe in Him.

On 16 July 2015, I went to one of the many regular checkups with my long time rheumatologist / immunologist, Dr Boey.
We had a tough conversation about my health and I started to get agitated and anxious. Suddenly, Dr Boey asked; “Can I pray for you?” I thought: “If someone wants to help me, why not? So I said “Sure!”.

When I repeated the words of a prayer after her, I experienced an avalanche of intense emotions. I couldn’t stop crying and my body heaved with sobs as I prayed to be forgiven, this time with conviction. On that day, I was born of the Spirit. I tasted a fruit of the Spirit; faith. I finally understood what it meant to take a leap of faith and did what my Christians have been telling me for so long: only believe!

Following that life changing moment, I was hungry to learn more and attended the Alpha course that was newly launched in a neighborhood church. It was part of their Market Place ministry which was generously sponsored and supported by a couple of Christian Venture Capitalists. The timing of their sessions and the venue were ideal for me. God had planned it so perfectly!

It was a great way to start my Christian walk. I met inspiring Christians in a friendly environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the 15 weeks of lessons. I was then invited by a long-time, close friend to the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). Study of the book of Revelation in 2016 is a first for BSF in Singapore. There was a bumper crop of students. Despite doubling the sessions, places were very scarce. Since I was not a pre-existing student, my chances of enrolling were slim. I chuckled when the speaker said; “If you don’t get a phone call from us, don’t call us, just pray.” I knew BSF was hard work so I thought the possibility of nonselection was a great way to get off the hook! God knew better and to my surprise, I was offered a place.

After 3 months in BSF, I was taken off the steroids completely! As a new believer and a newbie in BSF, it was mind boggling initially, but the structure of the study, the close fellowship with the group members and the daily walk with the Lord were so gratifying. I learnt to pray and listen to Him through the Word.

Being close to Him allowed God to work in my life. I hardly dared to wish for it, but He knows everything and He gave me what I longed for most; a miracle healing.

On 1st September 2016, I was baptized. Now I am joyful and comforted that I am sealed and marked as a child of God, Praise the Lord!

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By Pastor Lucy Kwok

I am Lucy Kwok, a pastoral staff of St James’ Church. In my pastoral work, I have had a great desire to reach out to the sick in hospital, to encourage patients and show love to them.Although we visit the sick in our local congregation, there are many lying in the hospitals who look forward to some one to cheer them up. In year 2000, Dr Michael Lim spoke with me regarding forming a team to join the Healthcare Christian Fellowship (HCF) and reach out to patients during Christmas. I readily accepted his proposal.I want to thank Dr Boey Mee Leng, who opened the HCF door for us, thus giving us an opportunity to minister to patients in hospitals.We started with a team of about 20 men and women and a guitarist. We practiced singing Christmas carols to patients in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). We took with us gifts for patients and sang carols to them. This led on to us participating in the Chinese New Year and Easter outreaches. We donated mandarin oranges and sang Chinese New Year melodies to the patients. During Easter we shared the joy of our risen Lord with them.

From TTSH we branched out to the National University Hospital (NUH). Our goal is for 2 bigger teams of volunteers, each led by a pastor.

What joy it is to be able to bring smiles to the old and the young patients, many of whom are sad and depressed over their sicknesses. Some of them clap along and sing with us. It is so fulfilling. Not only are patients encouraged, our team members are encouraged by the patients’ responses.

During one of our outreaches, a youth in our team, was so touched with his first hospital visit that he is now ‘sold’ out to it. At that time, the 3 regular guitarists in our team, were unavailable for the outreach. I requested for a guitarist from the youth ministry. A mother volunteered her son , Kester. Kester came along and in one of the ward units, we sang a Hokkien song entitled “Hold My Hand”. Tears rolled down from an elderly male patient. Kester was deeply touched and later shared with his mum that he will not miss out on future hospital outreaches. Kester practiced hard to perfect that song.

Recently we were assigned to the CDC in TTSH. The patients are elderly, long- staying patients, and some were waiting for placement in nursing homes. Some shared that their families have not visited them for a long time. It is a sad story, but we are glad that we can bring a little cheer into their lives by our visit. May I encourage church members to visit patients at CDC.

In one of our outreaches in TTSH, a middle aged man accepted Jesus as his Saviour. He phoned me on the day of his discharge and requested to attend church. When he arrived at our church, he asked what must he do when in church, as he has never stepped into a church before. That man was later baptized in our church.

We demonstrate our care for patients by listening, chatting and praying for them. We are so glad that we can encourage them and perhaps impart hope to some. Likewise we feel encouraged and uplifted, as God’s servants, working alongside Him to bring His love to the sick and suffering.

I want to thank HCF again for giving us the opportunity to partner with them for such outreaches. May God use HCF greatly to advance the Kingdom of God. May HCF be the light of God that shines into the lives of those feeling hopeless and encourage them with the news that God cares and loves each of them.

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Healthcare Christian Fellowship Caroling, 13 December 2014 National University Hospital

More than 100 Christians from several churches in Singapore gathered at the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Seminar room on the Saturday afternoon of 13 December 2014. Participants were divided into 5 teams of carolers. I had the privilege to serve alongside a group of experienced carolers led by Pastor Lucy from St James Church. We sang in Wards 52 & 53.

We started with a prayer asking for God’s presence to be with us. God indeed prepared the hearts of the patients. To our astonishment, as we approached Ward 52 we received a request from a patient to receive Christ as Saviour. How we praise the Lord for this salvation!

Many patients were attracted by our singing in the wards. We sang to a captive audience in each ward. An elderly lady assisted by a nurse made her way slowly towards us as we sang and she allowed us to minister to her. As we were about to leave the ward, a young lady in a wheelchair expressed her disappointment that she missed out on our singing. We spontaneously sang “Merry Christmas” for her. I was also impressed by St. James carolers ability to sing in dialects. Elderly patients and their family members were able to sing along with us.

We had opportunities to chat with patients and some of them allowed us to pray with them. I prayed with an elderly, demented gentleman and his Indonesian domestic helper. We ended the visit by distributing gifts and wishing our patients peace and a speedy recovery.

I sensed the presence of God with us as we sang and prayed for the patients and I believe that many patients and their families were touched by Him a special way.

I was deeply touched and humbled that God could use me to bless the patients and hospital staff. We brought warmth and cheer to the gloomy and depressed looking wards. Above all, we thank God that most of the patients were open and willing to be prayed for. May our prayers bring comfort, hope and healing to their souls and bodies.

All Glory be to God!

Ms Lauren Ng

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METS (Medical Evangelism Training ) Seminar in California – Reflections

Written originally  in Facebook by Victor Lee (medical student in Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine)

On 9 June 2012, as I alighted from the super shuttle in front of the Ayres hotel, I grudgingly dragged my 60 pound luggage thinking: I can’t believe that I will be spending almost 5 weeks in this place. Never did I expect that 5 weeks later, the only thing on my mind is the desire to spend 5 more weeks in Southern California. I will not justify this by saying that we had fun, nor that we learnt a lot throughout these 5 weeks, and  certainly  not because everyone on the preceptorship was amazing – it is much more profound.  The reason is simple: God’s love for us is so great that it is unfathomable. He led all of us to the preceptorship and created a learning environment that is loving, comfortable and effective.  This was the first time I could focus on the patient as a human being rather than a pathological condition or genetic aberration that is of interest to me. There is absolutely no reason why we should treat patients like that. Even secular principles like the Golden Rule tell us that we should not do unto others what we do not want others do unto us. How  about biblical principles that emphasize love as the most important quality that Man must possess?

It is tempting to believe that a ‘good’ healthcare professional is one who is highly skilled and who is able to diagnose a patient swiftly and accurately. I disagree because we are assuming that there are treatments and medications to every type of illness, which is obviously untrue. Even if medical Science can one day achieve the feat of annihilating all forms of illness and disease, Science does not always address the root of problems.  A patient who has a fractured femur owing to abuse from his parents can easily get his femur fixed, but that fixture clearly does not address the root of his problem.  I believe that Science without God is insufficient, and God without Science is inadequate.   It is evident that whole person care, otherwise known as caring for the patient’s physical, spiritual and emotional well being is of prime importance to every healthcare professional.

The secular world believes in the need for whole person care but God’s purpose for us as healthcare professionals is to deliver whole person care to our patients. And it is for this important purpose that He has led us to the preceptorship.   I am appalled that most healthcare professionals go about caring for patients without ever mentioning about their spiritual background. I suspect that it is because they are unaware of this and most people want an ‘easy way out’. From our practicums and mentor shadowing, whole person care is time consuming and it can result in diminished financial returns  as it affects the number of patients we can attend to.  The question then is, how important is money to us and if as healthcare professionals we merely address  patient’s physical well being (and it may not always be successful), are we actually treating and healing the patient completely?

How can we as healthcare professionals carry out whole person care? I humbly suggest that only Christian healthcare professionals can do that effectively, lovingly and safely. This is a tricky issue, as much as I respect people’s freedom to choose their religious beliefs, I believe that only Christianity makes logical and intellectual sense. Medical Science cannot treat a patient’s spiritual and emotional problems. It is only through prayer and having an intimate relationship with God that will result in complete healing and recovery. Scientifically, it has been shown in a great number of studies that religiosity and prayer is directly linked to greater well being and decreased incidence of illness.   If we do not exercise caution we might harm our patients while practicing whole person care. How do we carry out whole person care effectively? Once again, I humbly suggest that we take instruction from the bible. 1 Corinthians 16:14 states that “Let all that you do be done with love”, and this is the essence of whole person care – to show our patients that we love them just as Christ loves us, and I believe that if our actions are motivated by love we will become effective Christian healthcare professionals. But what exactly does it mean to let all that we do be done with love? As a second year medical student I definitely do not have an answer, but from what I have observed from Christian physicians carrying out whole person care, it means to spend more time with each patient, understanding more about their family, spiritual background and most importantly, praying with and for them.   I believe that having an accountability partner and someone (in the healthcare profession) to disciple us are essentials to shape us to become effective Christian healthcare professionals.

As we return to our respective states and countries, the challenge is in integrating what we have learnt the past 5 weeks into our clinical years/practice and going beyond to inspire fellow healthcare professionals to recognize the critical importance of whole person care. We may be physically and geographically separated, but our hearts beat as one for the Lord. As Christians we are like a garrison in a beleaguered fortress, surrounded by skeptics who inherit their religious shibboleths from their environment, surrounded by temptations that are always difficult to resist…but who said that being a Christian was easy?   I can foresee myself losing faith and becoming overly defensive of my beliefs in the months to come, hence the challenge is to remind myself that the Lord put obstacles in our way for a reason-  He wants us to emerge stronger after gaining victory over each challenge. “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong” 1 Corinthians 16:13.  Further, remembering that I have brothers and sisters in Christ gives me tremendous comfort, as I know that they will be praying for each other regularly.   We each have come a long way. God has purposefully, in the past 5 weeks, made us take detours and caused us to stymie by the stumbling blocks He put in front of us to prepare us as we return to our individual countries. Retrospectively, the past 5 weeks has been invigorating. The road trips to San Diego, Los Angeles, Corona Del Mar, Phoenix, Payson and others drew us close to one another. When we had differences, were apologetic, hurt or disappointed, we did not let that get in our way and in fact these challenges strengthened our friendships. I ask that we each remember the tears that we shed as we depart from Brockton’s. Every drop signifies God’s love for us and our love for one another. John 3:16, my  favourite verse in the Bible states, “For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son…..”.  I challenge each of you to emulate His actions, to love others unconditionally, unreservedly and sacrificially.

Addendum- 30 students from all over the USA and several overseas countries, including Russia,Ukraine, Lebanon, Canada, Honduras attended METs. Most were medical and nursing students.

Victor Lee

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God’s calling

I didn’t have an idea how I became a dentist and do not  understand what was God’s calling for my life. The Bible says “Before I  formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” I  believed that God has a plan for my life. My thinking was “ I can’t serve God because I’m not a full time staff in church.” But I just wanted to serve Him as much as possible. I prayed and asked God to show me how to become  a more effective Christian to extend His Kingdom.

During the  training sessions organized by  Healthcare Christian Fellowship International in Philippines, I learned the vision of HCF. “ Most people pass through the hospital of the world rather than its churches. Hospitals are open 24 hours. People are more receptive to the gospel. Hospital is the last place they stopped before they go to eternity. People need to heal physically and spiritually.”

After I embraced this vision, the Lord revealed to me about my calling for His glory. The Bible says “ Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here I am ! Send me”  God’s vision for the health field  is to build the Kingdom of God in our workplaces(hospitals, clinics).

As  healthcare Christians we have responsibility for our patients- not only for their  physical needs but most importantly their spiritual as well.  Now I realize that God has a greater plan for my life because  a lot of people (patients and colleagues)  are unreached by churches. I have more opportunity to reach out to people through the healthfield God placed me in. Patients are also created in God’s image. They are valuable to God. This is my desire – to serve Him as my Lord and Saviour all the days of my life so that more people will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. All glory to Him.

Dr Ester Naw
Dental Officer

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Desired Outcome of Divine Plumbline Course – Testimony by Merly Chee

I have learnt that through the influence of false prophets (parents, teachers, leaders, arts/media, etc) in my life, I experienced a love deficit early in my formative years. As a result, I began to build walls of rejection and rebellion which in turn gave rise to passive and aggressive personality traits and profiles. I reacted to life situations and relationships based on these personality traits. I have created for myself false plumblines contrary to God’s divine plumbline of truth and love for my life.

The course teaches us that Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone, upon which we can reliably build our lives. We must let Jesus Christ become the source of our redemption and restoration by ‘crucifying’ on the cross our negative traits on a daily basis. When we co-operate with the Holy Spirit, truth will replace all the deception which we have previously been subjected to, and the truth will set us free and impact the way we live our lives.

I learnt a great deal from the sessions which comprised 40-45 minutes of teaching on video where concepts were defined by Scriptures and the sharing of real-life experiences. This was followed by a time of sharing from the participants. I benefited immensely from the sharing session. This was when I received healing of deep wounds of the past. I believe that the extent to which a person receives healing and deliverance is highly dependent on his/her willingness to be vulnerable. God will meet us at our point of vulnerability and minister to us with His healing grace and power.The openness of the participants surprised me and I truly benefited from that. At the end of the 4-day course, I felt that I was greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved by God through the healing I received. I acknowledge too, that the healing process will be a continuous one.

Facilitation is done in small groups of 3 to 4. Hence, it is non-threatening and effective. I was particularly touched by our facilitator, Leonora van Tonder who fasted and prayed for the participants throughout the course. With such sacrificial love, it is no wonder that we experienced God’s power during the ministry time as He honoured us with His loving presence.

This course is highly recommended. Why? Just as visiting Israel is a return to the roots of our Christian Faith, attending the Divine Plumbline course brought me back to the root questions of my humanity i.e. who am I (Ontology), how do I know (Epistemology), where am I coming from and going to (Teleology) and what has value to me (Axiology). When I honestly dealt with these questions with the help of the Holy Spirit, I was on my way to receiving restoration, manifesting the fruit of the Spirit and living the abundant and victorious life Christ has promised us.

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Jehovah Raphe – A Testimony by Irene Tay

On Nov 30 morning 2009, I awoke to prepare to leave for my church camp. I saw my eyes were red. I went to see my family physician. He took my blood pressure as a routine check.He was shocked that it read 170/100 mmHg. Immediately, he prescribed an anti-hypertensive. I proceeded to Seremban for the church camp and faithfully took my medications. 2 days later in the morning, as I entered the hall ,I felt dizzy and collapsed. My pastor took my pulse and it was almost still. A church member who is a nurse immediately conducted CPR. I was resuscitated and revived. Subsequently, I returned home and consulted a cardiologist. The Lord is good…His mercy endureth forever. I’m in the of pink health again. Our Heavenly Father is a great Physician. This is the second time that He saved and healed me. In 1998 I was healed from Steven Johnson Syndrome after a brain tumour operation. Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

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A Testimony by Babara Zhang Zhianing

My name is Babara Zhang Zhianing. I am a nursing student from China. I trusted in God for about 3 months after I came to Singapore. I dread to think how I would be today if God had not saved me.

I want to share with you what kind of person I was before becoming a Christian. When I was a student in China I suffered lots of academic stress and emotional trauma from my family. I even contemplated suicide 3 times . In addition, I had a bad temper and complained about almost everything that happened to me. I lived in a world of selfishness and sadness.

Then Jesus came and found me while I was sitting in a prison of lostness and hopelessness. God began to work in me when I got the admission letter from Parkway College, which is a part of God’s perfect plan. I flew to Singapore and accepted God’s love.

In Singapore, God introduced me to Ms Lily Lang who is my first teacher and guide in my encounter with God. At that time I was confused in my studies and I had fears of not being able to obtain my scholarship. She encouraged me and suggested to me to trust God and gave me a New Testament bible and CDs to listen. I began to listen to the Bible CDs everyday night. It gave me confidence and I believe and am convinced that I am not alone in Singapore as God is with me.On Good Friday , I together with Ms Lily went to Doctor Boey’s home where I made friends with a sister Teresa Luo who often cares for me and strengthens my faith in God. God put me in a small, warm and traditional church where Teresa attends.

Let me share with you some testimonies of how God worked His almighty power in me.

I still remember my first semester subject was Microbiology. At that time, I was unable to adapt to the lessons which is in English. Actually, I absorbed nothing of this subject and preparation for the coming exams was extremely taxing. I felt very nervous and had a premonition of failure. So I prayed to God to help me. On the exam day, to my surprise, the teacher said the exam had been cancelled. God not only blessed me in the first exam but also helped me pass all the exams with good marks in all of them. Every time before my coming tests & assessments, I always pray to God to give me wisdom and knowledge . Fortunately, every time the test questions are within the range of my preparation. So I thank God for giving me such satisfying academic performance.

The next testimony is about the Bible. Alhough Ms Lily gave me an English Bible,it was only a New testament bible. I wanted a whole Bible. So I prayed God to give me a whole Bible. What is amazing is that on my birthday which is on Sunday, my pastor presented a Chinese Bible to me. I actually longed to have an entire English Bible. Then I prayed. To my surprise, 2 weeks later, Ms Lily offered me an English-Chinese Bible which is in two languages. I was deeply touched that God always keeps his promises, “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”.

There are many other amazing and interesting things that happened to me. For example, one day my landlady asked me to leave by the following month . I know it is illegal and unreasonable as we had signed a contract with her. I did not want to argue with my landlady, but I did want to move away as well. So I prayed. When night came, I asked her again whether I can stay on.Unexpectedly, she said OK without hesitation.

Another funny thing that happened was in church. After a Sunday service I went to have lunch near my church. I ordered a bowl of soup and a plate of rice with meat. However, when I opened my purse, I suddenly found that there was only one dollar in it which could pay for the bowl of soup. “It’s OK, never mind. I would just take the soup and not eat the rest,” I told myself. When I came back to my seat I found that a plate of rice with meat on my table. Later I found out that that it was my pastor who bought for it me. I knew then that God is never far away from us. He cares and blesses me whenever and wherever I am.

What’s more, the last weekend was the final day of my semester holiday. I prayed for a good rest so as to prepare for the coming second semester. After Bible study on the Saturday morning, one of my group members, an elderly madam asked me whether I was free as she wanted to bring me to Science Centre to visit the place. I accepted her invitation happily. We planned to take the MRT there but Madam Feng told me that it would be difficult for her to walk a long distance. Fortunately, the other group members offered to drive us to the center. Thank God. However whilst watching the 3D film, Madam Feng felt dizzy and vomited. But she persisted in guiding me during the visit and even played several scientific games with me. I felt so touched that she continued explain many science principles to me and played with me , even though she was extremely tired. I thank God so much for giving me a wonderful Saturday, which is an answer to an earlier prayer.

Finally, I want to share a meaningful story about my prayer for my clinical attachment. Several weeks ago, I had my first 2 weeks’ clinical attachment. In that first week, I almost cried every day night. Not for being tired but for the culture shock and being sneered at by a young staff nurse at my poor spoken English. Then on that Saturday night, I shared my ordeal with my care group members of the church. All of them prayed for me. Then on that Sunday, more friends prayed for the rest of my one week’s clinical attachment. One of them gave me a book mark on which is written ’So do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’(Isaian 41:10) Yes, God comforted me when I was upset and encouraged me when I was in trouble and promised me that He will always be with me . After that, my second week’s clinical attachment went very smoothly and I got good comments at the end. Thanks be to God.

I shared that I was previously a selfish person and always anxious. But I cannot begin to express the peace and love I felt today. Now I thank God every day for His Son’s blood cleanses my sins; I thankful for His mercy; His love keeps me at peace, and with His Body, the church, I am learning how to glorify our Jesus Christ.

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  • Testimony of JCHC - 8 Sep 2016 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematousus (SLE) in 1991 and treated with oral corticosteroids for many years.As a child in a Christian school, I “ac...
  • ST JAMES CHURCH INVOLVEMENT IN THE HOSPITAL OUTREACH MINISTRY - By Pastor Lucy Kwok I am Lucy Kwok, a pastoral staff of St James' Church. In my pastoral work, I have had a great desire to reach out to the sick in hospital, to encoura...