Testimony by Geetha Baskaran

8th July 2022. My name is Geetha. In 2017 was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of appendix (with secondary malignant peritoneal deposits). This involved multiple organs. On 13 October 2017, I had to go through a 14-hour major surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)]. This surgery is a two-step procedure that treats cancers in the abdomen. Cancerous tumours are surgically removed, and then heated chemotherapy drugs are applied directly inside the abdomen to eliminate the remaining cancerous cells.

During my post-surgery 17 days in the ICU, high-dependence and surgical wards, I looked like a ‘transformer’ from the movies. I had multiple tubes, attached to the left and right of my body. I encountered two devastating events. In January 2018, my 60-year-old elder brother suddenly passed away due to a brain haemorrhage. My bubbly 80-year-old mother’s health condition took a turn for the worse – she had a massive heart attack and onset of dementia. She passed away peacefully in her sleep in March 2018.

It was challenging to manage my medical condition. I lost 20 kilos. During my recovery, I had to be rushed to the hospital three times for complications and dehydration. Each time, God gave me His strength and grace to commit my challenges to Him and not to focus on my problems. God was with me all the time. My mantra during this time was “Jesus heal me, Jesus be with me, Jesus bring angels to give me the courage to move forward.” I spent my 6 months recovery time meditating on scripture. It was a period of rest, renewal, and strengthening my relationship with God. My problems may seem big, but God is bigger. My circumstances were overwhelming but I cling onto God’s promise that He will never leave me or forsake me. My journey ahead is uncertain but I am certain of this – God is great. All the time.

My stoma bag was reversed and I went back to work on 30 April 2018, after 6.5 months.  With God’s grace, I have been on remission for 4.8 years now. All praise to God for His blessings and favour. My grateful thanks to His angels on Earth (healing prayer team at SJSM, fellowship team at HCF, multi-disciplinary medical team at NUH, bosses and colleagues at NUS, friends, well-wishers and strangers who reached out to me). Last but not least, my gratitude to my treasured siblings, ever-supportive family and angelic domestic help (Sini). Every day is a gift. Thank you, Jesus. All glory to God. Amen.

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Jesus Christ, the faithful witness

2021 was a difficult year. Covid was the timekeeper. Vaccine mandates and passports dominated group chats.  The pagan god of Covid is invasive, destructive and a formidable enemy.

Meetings were exclusively on-line. Zoom church became the norm for many. Will 2022 be any different for HCF?  HCF exists to motivate and train healthcare staff to be effective witnesses, and build God’s kingdom through prayer, evangelism and discipleship. Many faithful co-laborers came before us. Many will come after us to serve the Kingdom of God through their talents, time and treasures. Now is our time to plough deep into this ministry and bear witness to the wondrous works of God in a world that rejects Christ . Our future is hopeful because our Lord Jesus promised to build His church (Matt 16:18), regardless of political leaders, or covid. Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the first-born from the dead, is the ruler over the kings of the earth (Rev 1:5). We are unfazed by the prophets of doom and gloom. Those who fix their eyes on God and hold on to eternal truths can effectively negotiate the right pace of life.  The writer of Hebrews 10:23 encourages us to “ hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful”.  We enter this New Year with deep gratitude to our unchanging, ever-loving, heavenly Father who bore us on eagles’ wings (Exo 19:4). May we be found faithful and fruitful in 2022 and beyond. Happy New Year, beloved brethren!

Dr. Boey Mee Leng

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By Rebekah Chan

Senior executive, Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS), Simei Care Centre

The day was Monday, 25 May 2020. I returned from overseas and underwent a week of self-isolation in a single room at a designated service suite. A picture of an ancient collapsible grill gate hung above the bed. It was painted in a ghastly green color with two noticeable padlocks. A clear reminder that I was not allowed to leave the room except for work.

It was almost midnight. Though momentarily perturbed, I knew that I was safe. I was reminded of the extraordinary faith of the Apostle Paul, who faced persecutions & imprisonments and his unshakeable allegiance to the LORD. Unlike Paul and Silas, my feet were not shackled. I sang and slept very well.

The following morning I saw a panoramic city view, with the Singapore Flyer like a small cogwheel suspended in the sky filled with majestic clouds. It stood in stark contrast to the image above my bed. I sensed that the Lord has prepared many lessons for me during this period. My current fast- paced life is one of rush through my Quiet Time; long waiting queues for transport, food, and tedious, energy-draining activities. All of which dampened my desire to commune intimately with the Lord. My days ended in exhaustion where I uttered a brief prayer before sleep, hoping that tomorrow I will rise early to commune with the Lord. Sadly, this rarely occurred.

I felt trapped in my prison of busyness. I recalled episodes of agony and regret over mistakes made, harsh words spoken, deep wounds inflicted on others, wasted energy, and time spent on futile activities. Self-doubt assailed me as I poured my complaints to God. The “whys” dominated my conversations with Him instead of submitting. A note from a friend encouraged me. “Don’t look back and ask WHY. Look ahead and say WHY NOT”

Anger welled within me. I was confined in space and restricted in movement. I resented the prospect of a ‘new norm’. Fear of death from Covid-19 shrouded our nation. We easily overlook the truth that He, the Author of Life, was in total control. Nothing can separate us from Him, including death. (Romans 8:38-39). Would a locked room, faulty keys and, window grills, hinder us from abiding in the Lord. (Philippians 3:13-14)

I’ve learned 3 important lessons:-

Lesson 1   True liberation is abiding in God’s presence, not in the absence of external restrictions. 

Two pictures in one room. They faced different directions. One was lifeless and morbid- looking. The footage in front was refreshing and vibrant. The days of my life are unpredictable-cloudy,rainy, or sunny. But thank God, He is immutable. The lyrics of an old, familiar hymn brought comfort and peace. ‘Great is thy faithfulness; morning by morning new mercies I see’. My past mistakes and hurts were history. God in His mercy will take away my pain. I determined to abide fully in God’s presence, to know Him intimately, and to constantly cling to His unfailing promises.

I visualized our Heavenly Father’s loving arms around me. An indescribable sense of God’s presence permeated the ground I stood. To quote Max Lucado, “God Came Near”. I felt so loved and privileged that God Almighty would visit me in the room. The Holy Spirit changed my priority from frustration to a desire to accomplish God’s purpose in my generation.

I felt free at last! I passed the week of isolation with a heightened sense of purpose in life. Daily I hailed a cab to and from work with renewed vigor. Yes, I missed my family dearly, but what was more satisfying was the time of worship and reading the Word in the room which became my sanctuary. Basking in His presence was so delightful. I desire to cultivate the soil of my heart with God’s precious Word and bear fruit for Him. The world deceitfully offers me pleasures that subtly choke the Word. (Mark 4:18-19). Obedience to Scripture is what He desires, not mere lip-service. Soon it was time to check out. I spent my last day in prayer for many hours. I need not ride the beautiful Singapore Flyer to be “lifted high.”

Lesson #2 – Crises are opportunities to apply God’s Word more meaningfully and trust God more fully.

God heard my cries for greater intimacy. He answered my prayers. One day when I finally meet Him face to face, He can explain the thousands “Whys” I had asked of Him. For now, I am contented that He is near.

On the morning of 28 May 2020, Charles Spurgeon’s words rang loud.

“Far from a world of grief and sin,

With God, eternally shut in, thou shalt rest for ever and ever.”

My vocation and calling came into clear perspective. The two contrasting images in my bedroom completely shook my world. I had to make a choice, either to look back & be trapped in putrid wounds and sinful habits, or to look to God & move forward in faith.

Lesson #3 – When circumstances are beyond my comprehension, God’s guidance will see me through. 

Dearest Lord Jesus, please help fix my eyes on You and draw strength from You as I run this race because You are my Resource, my Redeemer and, my Reward in life. I choose You. (Heb 12:1)

1 2

Grills and Padlocks (above the bed)Spectacular City View (from the window)





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By Dr Shawn Vasoo
(15 July 2020)

I have three thoughts:-

First, I am reminded of the words in Lamentations 3:22-23, wherein amid evil, suffering, and God’s judgment, the writer declared, “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness”.

I started my new position at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) in June 2019. My role included oversight of disease outbreak preparedness activities. Since the middle of 2019, we dealt with a few outbreaks- measles, which led to several mass vaccination operations, and an imported case of monkeypox. That kept us busy. NCID officially opened on 7 September 2019. It effectively replaced the old Communicable Disease Centre (CDC1) campus. NCID was designed to strengthen our nation’s capabilities in infectious disease outbreaks. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were planning for a major exercise in early 2020. It was not to be. I looked back with awe at God’s tender mercy over us. We felt stretched and challenged at work in 2019. He was quietly preparing us for what was to come.

We moved into the new premises of NCID, a 330-bedded facility (with expandable capacity) by the end of 2018. The official opening was in September 2019. This enabled us to prepare and handle the COVID-19 swiftly and enhanced public health safety. It is beyond imagination to have to deal with COVID-19 in the old CDC1 campus. Indeed, it is because of the Lord’s mercies that we were crisis ready. His mercies extended to us through the hands and feet of others. In this outbreak, friends and colleagues united together in a spirit of unity. They came from different healthcare institutions- NCID, TTSH, public and private hospitals. They rolled up their sleeves and worked together selflessly. During the pandemic, we witnessed isolation, sorrow, separation, and death – sometimes too much for the human spirit to bear. In an unprecedented period such as this, Lamentations 3:22-23 brought much comfort to His people.

Secondly, I am reminded that as individuals and a society, we need to love the foreigner (Deuteronomy 10:19). Repeatedly in Scripture, we are admonished against ignoring the foreigner and to love them as ourselves. Our community of migrant workers was disproportionately and severely hit by COVID-19. They were ‘strangers’ who left family and kin to come to Singapore to eke out a living, like many of our forefathers in the early days of our history. They contributed to our well-being, doing jobs which we may not want to do or know how to do. I have been involved in migrant health ministry with various NGOs since 2001. An uncomfortable, but legitimate question re-surfaced in the light of COVID-19. How are we, individuals, health care workers, and society, loving these strangers? COVID-19 galvanized many Singaporeans who rallied around the migrant community and showed care and offered practical help. What will we do after COVID-19? Is this outpouring of help a flash in the pan, or will we take concrete efforts to continue to show love to the strangers?

Lastly, as terrible as COVID-19 is, there is a plague far worse than COVID-19. In 1669, the English nonconformist preacher and puritan Ralph Venning wrote a book ‘The Plague of Plagues’ ( now retitled ‘The Sinfulness of Sin’ ) four years after the Great Plague of London. I remember reading this book in my early twenties. It made a great impression on me. Official city records indicate that over 68,000 people died in London due to the plague, which is caused by the bacterium, Yersinia pestis. The final toll was likely to be beyond 100,000. In his book, Venning drew attention to the fact that a deadly plague exists in human hearts – that is, the plague of sin. Throughout the first six months of the outbreak, I was forced to look honestly into my heart. There have been times (of which I am ashamed to speak of) that were extremely trying. Moments when I felt exhausted, exasperated, irritable, and have not treated others kindly as I ought to; when I took my eyes off the Lord Jesus and focused on the problems. I have relied on ‘broken cisterns’ of man-made philosophy, instead of the Lord, who is the source of living waters; I have leaned on my intelligence rather than God- given wisdom, and I have been ungrateful. We must continue to fight COVID-19 together, and indeed it is a terrible pandemic, but know there is a far greater plague – the one in human hearts (including mine) that only Jesus can cure.

The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:22,23 “For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.” The groaning we experience together with creation is not futile or despairing but looks with hope and expectancy toward the birth of a new world.

The Lord’s lovingkindness, great compassion, and complete faithfulness make Him the supremely worthy object of personal reliance. His daily supply of grace and forgiveness is unending. Let us be grateful for these gifts and learn to extend His grace to others. May we represent Him and reflect His kindness before a world that is in dire need of His mercy and grace. Shalom.


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Christian Hope in the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer”. Romans 12:12
12 April 2020

The Coronavirus has been labelled an ‘equalizer’. Male, female, rich, poor, agnostics, and the religious are affected. It gallops across nations, and sweeps through counties. It is no respecter of persons. An invisible enemy is killing thousands world-wide.

Governments race to contain the fallout from over-whelmed health care institutions, loss of lives and jobs. The soaring number of infected persons and the dead are terrifying. We face a global crisis of suffering that many have described as worse than World War II. We are in the eye of a fierce storm.

All the unanswered questions thrown up by the enigmatic coronavirus amplify our fears. There is no certainty of the future, risk of infection, treatment success, financial losses etc. Clearly, we are not in control of our death or life.

Christians are concerned and anxious, knowing that they too can catch the virus and be sick. Scripture passages of comfort and peace flood social media platforms. Psalm 91 may be the most quoted Psalm during such a time as this. Pastors urged their flock to fast and pray. Anguished prayers of lament, pain, grief, bewilderment find their way to heaven. Conjectures regarding God’s purpose, Bible prophecies, and end-of-the world claims circulate freely in the internet. When will this crisis end? No one really knows.

The greatest fear is the fear of death. The question on everyone’s mind is “ Has anyone conquered death”? Is there any hope?

Hope is defined as an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect of events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. Despite the uncertainties, many hope that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

In contrast, a Christian’s hope is not superficial or uncertain. He believes in God who governs the course of the world and history. It is anchored in the belief that Jesus died and rose again. The apostle Peter writes “…according to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”( 1 Peter 1:13b)

God is the author and object of our hope. Paul in his letter to the Romans (15:3) declares “May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in your faith, that by the power of the Holy Spirit, your whole life and outlook may be radiant with hope”. The hope He generates in us, is rooted in the promises He makes in Scripture. “ Whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope”. (Rom 15:4).

Good Friday and Easter commemorate the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ over sin and death (1 Cor 15:57). By His sacrifice, He brought resolution to the disharmonies of a broken and discordant world. What triumphant good news for the world! Scripture describes a person who refuses to believe as one separated from Christ. He is without hope and without God in the world. (Eph 2:12).

Listen to the voices of thousands weeping, sobbing and mourning. Paul reminds us, “ Do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope”. (1 Thess 4:13). Why so? For salvation is exclusively through grace alone, by faith alone in Jesus Christ. Joy and peace flow from our hope in Christ alone.

At the center of the universe is an unassailable throne and the One who sits on it is in full and complete control. Not man. In the midst of the chaos and turbulence, may we live in response to and from the center, our living God and may our lives radiate this living hope.

Beloved brethren, the past few months of 2020 has been extremely painful. This is a moment in life when all that can be shaken is being shaken. How then can we recover our poise and sense of purpose in Him? Put our hope in God. Hearts and flesh may fail, but God is the strength of our heart and portion forever (Ps73:26). The Lord Jesus Christ, our Intercessor and Great High Priest, will never forsake us. He is in this storm with us, praying for you and me (Rom 8:34). He knows the problems we are facing. He gives grace to meet all

possible eventualities, executes righteousness and brings salvation’s final consummation. We bow before Him. Let our souls break forth in praise and worship of our King.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. No evil virus can shake or demolish the hope we have in Him. Steady our hearts with the confidence that you are sovereign and in control of our universe. Amen.


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Testimony of a migrant worker
(8 April 2020)

My name is Regin and I come from the state of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India. I arrived in Singapore on the 1st March 2009 to work as a plumber in a local Construction company. I was born in a Roman Catholic family but I was not a religious person. A friend invited me to attend the Risen Grace Ministry church in Ang Mo Kio. I was a regular church attendee.

On 19th October 2017, I received a phone call from my eldest brother who is a pastor of a village church in India. He had a dream of me being in an accident and called to warn me about it. However, I dismissed the warning as I was healthy and fit.

The following day at my workplace I was assigned to fix a broken wash basin in a client’s house. As usual, I took my tool box and carried a 24kg new wash basin on my shoulders. What happened next was unforgettable. I slipped and fell prone on the floor. The wash basin landed on my left arm and I became unconscious. The safety office in my company shared later that blood was oozing from my nose and both ears. Apparently I was not breathing. My colleagues thought I was dead!

In my “unconscious state” I hear a very loud voice, saying to me “Rise Up” and I saw a vision of a hand on my head. I woke up and was rushed to the A&E Dept of NUH. Xrays of my left hand revealed comminuted fractures of 3 fingers of my left hand. The orthopedic doctors were not confident that my affected fingers would recover and be functionally useful. I had several operations on my left hand and physiotherapy sessions. I stayed 13 days and my hospital bill totalled $41,000.

Pastor Augustine Baboo of the Risen Grace Ministry church visited me and prayed regularly for me. He encouraged me with a passage from Ezekiel 37 regarding the valley of dry bones becoming a mighty army. I was deeply moved by the words of Scripture and the love shown to me by Pastor and members of the church. After 3 months of physiotherapy, my left hand showed some improvement. I was on medical leave for 6 months and my left hand slowly regained strength. My finger bones were crushed but God restored them. Indeed my dry, splintered bones came back to live. God healed me completely! I went back to my hometown in India to recuperate. I returned to work in Singapore on 11 November 2018 under a new Construction company. My boss is a Christian and I am happy to be working with this Company.

The accident was pivotal in turning me to the Lord. I confessed Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I began to read the Bible regularly and pray daily. By God’s mercy, I received a new lease in life. Not only was I healed physically, I became a child of God. Slowly but surely, God is transforming me to be more Christ-like. Previously, I was an angry and argumentative person, always worried about finances and the future of my wife and son. I have become a more patient person and am not anxious about the future. My salary is low, but God provides daily for my needs and for my family. I trust in Him. I love to share the gospel with my colleagues, friends and strangers. In obeying the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), I witnessed people coming to faith in Christ and likewise they also go forth to share the good news of the gospel with others. I saw multiplication of believers in an amazing way! As I minister among the sick and those with broken lives, I saw many miracles of healing by the Lord. To Him be the glory! My greatest desire is to serve Him faithfully all the days of my life. He is my everything!


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Interview with Mr. Alan Ng




An interview with Mr Alan Ng by Dr Boey ML 1 March 2020

BML: Thank you Alan for agreeing to share your story with us. Let me begin by asking you to share a little about your childhood.

Alan: I am the 9th child of a huge family of 10 children. Mum is a housewife and dad worked as a van-driver. Ours was a poor family and our parents worked very hard to sustain the family. Mum supplemented dad’s income by accepting a few odd jobs that are home-based. My siblings and I enjoyed a nice meal of chicken and wore new clothes only during the Chinese New Year. Dad became an alcoholic and often returned home drunk, angry and shouting. I felt disappointed and angry especially when I was compared myself with some of my school mates who were better off than me materially.

BML: Male citizens are enlisted in National Service (NS) at age 18. What was your experience like in NS?

Alan: In the first 3 months, I noticed that a senior officer was particularly kind towards me. He would bring me food and will not punish me though I made mistakes, unlike his treatment of my colleagues. One night, this officer woke me at midnight and invited me to his room where he sexually harassed me. I was terrified and ran away from him and tried to avoid him at all cost. Despite this, the sexual molestation continued several times. Within 3 months, I suffered a mental breakdown and shared this traumatic experience with my mother and sister. They melted in tears and anger and immediately sought help from a Member of Parliament at our neighbourhood constituency. I was later transferred to another facility.

The nightmare did not end as I initially expected. I had to attend court to defend myself and faced the recurrent, brutal questioning from lawyers and strange faces of people in the court gallery. After 2 court sessions, the officer pleaded guilty and I was vindicated.

BML: You spoke about your “nightmares”. Can you describe them?

Alan: Yes. I had flashbacks of the sexual molestation and cringed at the sound of the officer’s footsteps towards my bunker room. I lived in fear and terror.

BML: What was life like after you completed your NS?

Alan: I worked in my family business in manufacturing. Our family financial situation improved substantially over the years. I had savings in the bank, a steady girlfriend and dreamt of having a family of my own and a flat, like any ordinary person in Singapore.

BML: What changes took place thereafter?

Alan: At 27 years old, I behaved like Santa Claus. I gave away my savings and possessions to my friends; withdrew from my family and hid in my room for 18 months. I felt sad, lonely and became depressed. My family was bewildered by my mood changes and odd behaviour, as there was no family history of mental illness. I consulted several private psychiatrists, but my condition did not improve. I attempted suicide many times. I was repeatedly hospitalized in both private institutions and the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). I was diagnosed with Post- traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Bipolar Disease. I took medications daily and received Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT). My psychiatrists informed me that I will be on life-long medications and to expect intermittent hospitalizations. I felt so miserable, lost and hopeless.

BML: How did your family members, respond to your illness?

Alan: They were extremely concerned and caring. My second sister, Iris visited me weekly and invited me to the Lighthouse Evangelism Church. I flatly refused her offers. Finally, I caved in to her persistence and in year 2006, I stepped into the church for the first time. I did not like the church service. On the second visit, I stood inside the auditorium, cried out to God with all my heart for His help. My heart seared with unfathomable pain; no one seemed to understand

my pain. Not my family, neither my doctors. I felt useless and a failure. I was totally broken. On that day, I surrendered my life to Him! I attended church service regularly for the next 2 years.

BML: How did your belief in God change your life?

Alan: In every aspect.

First, in the area of my health. 2010 was a watershed year. I received a call from a Christian psychiatrist from IMH, Dr Joseph Leong. He informed me that he will manage my condition and assured me that I will be well. Under his management, I was able to be weaned off my medications and in 2015, I was discharged from follow-up, without any medications. I was free from nightmares, depression, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts. The deep pain and emotional scars I suffered in NS was totally lifted by the Lord. I was healed.

Second, God answered many of my prayers. I read the Bible daily and pray to Him for guidance and help. Whatever He tells me to do, I will obey. He answered my longing to be baptized by age 50. The baptism took place on 25th December 2018. In addition, I am now happily married to a nurse. I work as a Healthcare assistant in a Christian Nursing home.

BML: Are there any particular blessings you wish to mention?

Alan: God sent many of His children to bless me in my walk with Him. Some are pastors, others fellow-believers in Christ. They have encouraged me and prayed for me. I am deeply grateful for God’s provision of this wide community of faithful saints who have been such a blessing to me. I received 2 awards: In 2014, an outstanding award for helping others with mental illnesses and in 2017, I was a recipient of the Healthcare Humanity Award (HHA), Honorable Mention award. The award recognizes healthcare professionals who have gone beyond the call of duty and made a difference to the healthcare community.

God also sovereignly opened the door for me to attend a 3 month Certificate Course in Peer Support (February 2020). My application for the training was successful. My deep desire is to be equipped to assist people suffering from mental illnesses. I have received commendable and positive feedback from my trainers.

BML: Is there a final message you want to give to our readers?

Alan: God is real. He is Almighty and He heals. I want others to know about Him. I am His witness. I received by grace, through faith, His salvation, healing and transformation. He allowed me to go through 15 years of suffering as a patient with mental illness. The pain is not wasted or in vain. In and through it all, He is equipping me to display His glory. Only in Him is there purpose and hope. Patients with mental illness don’t need to lose heart. He heals. I am His voice, bringing His message of hope and salvation to all.

BML: Thank you very much Alan, for your inspiring testimony. To God be the glory!


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A Blessed Hope


2020 saw unprecedented turmoil in the world. Fear of death from Covid-19 infection, economic collapse, and uncertainty assailed everyone. People sought answers to the meaning of life and eternity. Doors swung open for the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The world reeled and conducted life through Zoom. Churches faced severe restrictions to remain open. Social distancing, masks in the name of safety dominated the narrative. A deep divide emerged in the global medical community. Mandatory Covid-19 test for international travel rapidly became the norm.

How has our ministry been affected? Severely. Overnight, virtual fellowship meetings sprung up. In-person prayer meetings dwindled. Hospital outreaches and missions nose-dived. How should we respond?

Take the spiritual high road. First, stay informed. Ignorance and passivity have no place in our walk as God’s children in the world; Understand the times and seasons (Matt 16:3). Second, fight the unseen enemy with the weapon of unceasing prayer ( Eph 6:12). The spiritual battle is fierce. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (James 5:16). Third, boldly proclaim the glorious gospel. Nothing, including Covid-19, can prevent Him from building His church. Yet, time is running out. Declare with urgency the need to rescue men from eternal damnation. Above all else, remain faithful and obedient to Him (Luke 18:8). May we go about our Father’s business, resolute in purpose as we run the race until He comes to receive us to Himself in the air (1 Thess 4:17-18). We will persevere by maintaining a Christ-like attitude even amid trials (1 Peter 2:21).

What blessed hope to know that He will return soon! Be prepared.

Far more challenges lie ahead in 2021. Yes,we anticipate a rough ride in the New Year. Be encouraged. Emmanuel, God with us, promised, “ I will never leave you or forsake you” (Heb 13:5b). Beloved brethren, let us enter and rest in the fullness that is in Christ Jesus.

Have a blessed and joyous New Year!

Dr. Boey Mee Leng


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Spread The Net

Original music and lyrics by Dr Denis Cheong


The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net that was thrown into the water and caught fish of every kind. Matt 13:47 (NLT)
Our lives are like a strand of God’s work. Strands cross as we interact with each other. We  have the opportunity to either make a connection or slide past each other. When sufficient connections are made, a net is formed, which is able to catch men for God’s end time harvest.

Verse 1
E          E/G#
Lord, I thank you
A                                          E
   That you’re weaving me into the Net
E/G#                    A         B
By Your end time purpose
E                     E/G#
  Lord, please help me
A         B                              C#m
  To believe what You have said
             G#m                A
Of Your calling on my life
F#m                                G#m
May Your glory fill the earth completely
A              G#                   C#m
Like the waters cover the sea
D                                                              Bsus B
Bring the harvest of a million souls through me
Spread the net
And cast it wide
Let me be a part of all You do
             A         B
Don’t put me aside
Raise the cross
Draw them in
             A                                G#m
Let me bring Your hope and healing to
            F#m         B        E
This generation lost in sin
Verse 2
There are moments
When the struggle is so hard
I’m discouraged and defeated
Powers of darkness
Come so strongly to oppose
And I seem to lose my way
Then You speak into my heart so gently
With Your precious still small voice
To restore my soul
And help me make the choice
Verse 3
You still call us
“Venture further out to sea
And experience all My greatness!
Grace and glory
More abundant than you know
Will be there for all your needs”
Lord equip me for Your holy purpose
Fresh anointing from above!
Pour anew into my heart Your gift of love

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Health Christian FellowshipHealthcare Christian Fellowship
January 2019 Newsletter

This bulletin highlights our activities in 2018. There
was a notable increase in student involvement. We
thank God for His faithfulness, guidance & wisdom
as we serve & honor him in the health fields.

President’s Message

“What’s in for 2019?” A valid question on everyone’s lips. Someone warned of a more “dangerous & volatile world”. Still, a New Year brings hope, new dreams, and opportunities for change. We all look forward to better days & peace on earth.

It’s everywhere. Listen to the sound of striving. Make happiness an end, and faith a means. A man is won over. It makes little difference what kind of worldly end he is pursuing. Good health, financial stability, or a happy family.

Apostle Paul wrote about the pursuit of Christ that surpasses everything. “I count all things to be a loss in view of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” (Philippians 3:8) This passionate pursuit of Christ as treasure marked his life. Few people really want more of Him than anyone or thing on earth.

What then are the implications when we embrace Christ as treasure? We live holy lives; have holy desires, ambitions, purposes, plans and make holy relationships and alliances. Every aspect of life is an act of obedience to Him.

Remember Jesus definition of a true disciple. The 3 ‘must’. Deny self, take up the cross and follow Him (Luke 9:23). A daily affair throughout 2019. Forsake self-aggrandizement, self-righteousness, self-sufficiency, self- ambition, self-indulgence. Cross-bearing entails suffering and pain. Follow Him at all costs.

Beware of the real danger of a divided heart. One that worships the Lord and also serves other ‘gods’ in accordance with the customs of the nations we’re in ( 2Kings 17:33). The apostle John admonished “… keep yourselves from idols.” 1John 5:21.

HCF will remain strong when God is on the throne of our lives and our Fellowship. Meetings, programs, activities won’t matter more than prayer, or time alone with Him. We labor on with God-given energy, which so powerfully works in us (Col 1: 29). We will persevere, endure hardships for His namesake and not grow weary.

Let 2019 be another year where Christ be magnified as we gaze at His glory and radiate His likeness for others to see as they come into our lives (2 Cor 3:18).

May His blessings be yours in abundance this New Year.

Dr Boey Mee Leng

Healthcare Christian Fellowship
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New Year Day of Prayer-6 January 2018

Speaker Prof Hooi

New Year Day of Prayer-6 January 2018


New Year Day of Prayer – 6 January 2018

The year began with prayer and dedication to the Lord. Medical students of the Varsity Christian Fellowship (VCF) led in worship. Prof Hooi Shing Chuan from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine gave a powerful message from the book of Haggai Chapter 1. Haggai called the people of Israel to rebuild the house of the Lord and to consider their ways. It was a timely reminder of our calling as health care workers in the marketplace. 50 participants from various hospitals engaged in concerted prayer for healthcare in Singapore.

HCF Malaysia-Singapore Conference
Penang, 20-22 April 2018

Stella Hooi praying for the young people

Stella Hooi praying for the young people

Miri delegates

The Singapore team

The Conference was held at the Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort,Penang. 73 participants attended, including 5 from Myanmar and 12 from Singapore. The keynote speaker, Prof Maniam’s messages on the “Beatitudes” were deep and inspirational. Dr. Boey spoke on “Sanctification”. Both speakers encouraged believers to walk in obedience to the Lord. Our brethren from Penang were impeccable hosts. Delegates were refreshed and blessed by the Word, testimonies, and prayer. Bilateral ties were strengthened.

Regional HCF Meeting 3 – 6 May 2018

Regional HCF Meeting 3 - 6 May 2018

23 brethren from 6 member countries were represented at this annual meeting at the Bangkok Christian Guesthouse. In addition to the update of events/activities from each country, an interesting session on “ Coaching” was conducted by Dr. David Wong, from Malaysia. The July 2019 Regional HCF Conference in Bangkok was a subject of intense and lively discussion. Program content, potential speakers and workshops were hotly debated and shared with Ms. Nisa Lee who represented the HCF Thai Organizing Conference team.


Total Patient Care Workshop – 14 April 2018

Regional HCF Meeting 3 - 6 May 2018

The 12 participants were nurses mainly from the Ebenezer Malayalam church. Participants commented that whole patient care is seldom practiced in totality in secular healthcare institutions. Reasons for avoidance and ways to overcome them were robustly discussed and prayed over.

Hospital Visitation Seminar – 17 November 2018

30 persons from different churches attended our annual training seminar on Hospital Visitation. The objective was to equip the participants to effectively minister to patients during the Christmas and Chinese New Year outreaches. The biblical reasons for hospital ministry and the do’s and don’t’s were addressed. Volunteer-patient interaction was demonstrated by role play. Dr Stephen Hsu and Chiew Hwa were the trainers.Participants feed-back was positive and many were blessed by the training.

Healthcare Christian Fellowship
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Student Ministry

Varsity Christian Fellowship- Medical/ Nursing Students Meeting: 18 October 2018 National University of Singapore

Varsity Christian Fellowship – Medical / Nursing Students Meeting: 18 October 2018 National University of Singapore

Approximately 40-45 students were present at this meeting entitled “Clinical Pearls”. This was one of a series of talks to prepare the students for working life. The unbiblical worldview of separation of spiritual from the secular was addressed. A belief that held many captive in health care. The 4 invited speakers were : Dr Ben Siow (house-officer), Dr Lois Hong (medical officer), Ng Kim Choo (Nurses Christian Fellowship), and Dr Boey (HCF). Each speaker shared about their experiences in the marketplace of health care. The students asked many searching questions. “ What was the most crushing experience you’ve have had; how does one make a choice in the Residency program; why choose Sierra Lone for missions; when was the first time you prayed with a patient; is it worldly to do ministry despite the tiredness that busy health carers daily face? It was time well-spent.

China Medical Fellowship 5 Dec 2018

China Medical Fellowship 5 Dec 2018

We had the privilege of having fellowship with 3 Christians from China. They gave an update of the medical fellowships in their nation and shared about the many struggles health care Christians face in their personal and corporate lives. We prayed for each other and gave thanks to God for binding our hearts together in love.

Dental Student Prayer Meeting

Dental Student Prayer Meeting, 25 October 2018
Theme: Kingdom Living- Faith and Work

30 dental-related practitioners attended this monthly prayer meeting. Dental students were in majority. CMDF Chaplain, Rev Dr Tan gave a short message on ending the race of life well by committing to the cause of Jesus Christ and being active in community work. Dr Boey shared about integrating faith and work and the practical implications of being a follower of Jesus. The meeting ended with prayer in small groups of 4-5 persons.

Dr. Jason Huang’s comment – “Thank you Dr Boey for encouraging all of us with your biblical and personal sharing. Thank God for showing us young practitioners the higher ways of God’s kingdom. I am confident that the Spirit’s ripple effect will be felt greatly.”

Overseas Venture

Kaohsiung,Taiwan 6-9 September 2018

Medical students

Medical students

Luke Ministry

Luke Ministry

Chiew Hwa and Dr. Boey met with a few medical students of Kaohsiung Medical School. The students were involved in missions and had plans to reach out to their fellow students. An elderly doctor of the Luke Ministry remembered the visit of our late Francis Grim to Taiwan. Mrs. Louise Tay first introduced HCF to Taiwan. Currently, 2 Christian healthcare organizations are active in Taiwan: Chinese Christian Medical Mission and Taiwan Christian Medical Association. HCF is grateful to Dr. Lawrence Chia and his wife Jane, who facilitated the meetings. Dr. Chia heads the Saline Solution training in Taiwan.

Healthcare Christian Fellowship
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HCF Hongkong Retreat, 23-25 November 2018
Venue: Auditorium, Princess Margaret Hospital

HCF Hongkong Retreat

3 Action Team members from Singapore (Peter So and Wife Pat, Chiew Hwa and Dr. Boey) joined the retreat. Dr. Alvin Ling, chairman of HCF Hong Kong, started the meeting with a sharing on “Evangelism and HCFI”. Dr. Boey spoke On “Labouring for God”, and “The Glorious Gospel Invitation”. The meeting ended with communion service by Pastor Simon Tse and prayer in small groups. Amongst the 40 participants, 3 were from mainland China. After dinner, Dr. Boey shared on the principles of strategic planning for HCF. Our brethren in HK remained faithful and zealous for the things of God in healthcare and their nation. We are inspired by their love for God and for us. HCF Singapore is greatly blessed by this strong tie with our brethren in HongKong.


Chinese New Year blessing 24 Feb 2018 ( TTSH & NUH ); Christmas Caroling 8-22 Dec 2018 – Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard & Novena), National University Hospital (NUH),TTSH, Gleneagles Hospital.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year



Chinese New Year and the Christmas season saw volunteers & staff joining hands as they brought gifts, songs and cheer to patients in 5 hospitals. They were deeply touched by the warm response from health care staff and patients. This yearly act of kindness is a huge blessing to patients & volunteers alike.


New Year Day of Dedication & Prayer

Date : Saturday, 19 January 2019
Theme : Pursuing Christ and His Purposes
Venue :
Dover Park Hospice Conference Hall
10 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Spore 308436
Time : 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Speaker ::
Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn

Chinese New Year Outreaches:

Saturday, 16th February 2019

Malaysia – Singapore HCF
Prayer Summit

Date : 22 – 24 March 2019
Venue :
Riverside Hotel, Ipoh, Malaysia
Contact :
012 913 2861 or

Action Team 2019

Dr Boey Mee Leng
Tan Chiew Hwa,
Peter So,
Dr Stephen Chew,
Dr Santhos Lionel Thomas,
Dr Karuna
Admin assistant – Mary Rajasvery

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