January 2018 Newsletter

Health Christian Fellowship
Healthcare Christian Fellowship

Volume Three


This bulletin highlights our events in 2017. We
thank God for significant breakthroughs in
partnership with new healthcare groups;
formation of prayer cells; salvation of patients & colleagues; & growth in maturity of brethren in healthcare.

President’s Message

2017 has been eventful. Dark clouds hovered over global issues- social, political, economic, environmental, Joy and sorrow walk hand in hand in life. Uncertainty rules 2018 and beyond. Scripture warns of difficult and challenging times ahead ( Matt 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 ). The world and that of healthcare isn’t heading for utopia.

Think of workplace and immediately, images of a battle-field appears. The heavyweight of rapid change crushes even the strong in spirit. Protocols, deadlines, key performance indices (KPIs), competition in research, relational conflicts, are but a few demands we face at work. What impact then do we have in healthcare? Jesus challenges us, the believers, to be salt of the earth; but if the salt have lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”( Matt 5:13 )

Why saltless? An unbiblical worldview of ‘secular-spiritual divide’ and poverty in prayer weakens our vocation. Do we give prayer the leftover of our time or treat it as ‘last resort’ strategy, when there is no other way out? Are patients mere recipients of medical care, our research trophies or prized investment?

Aren’t they, like us, by nature, children of wrath ( Eph 2:8 ), and in dire need of God’s salvation? Do we weep over our patients? Yes, healthcare has many praying men, but few men of prayer.

A New Year often begins with reflections, renewed resolutions, and re-alignment of goals. Yet for some, the only change is the date on their desk-top calendar. Time moves on relentlessly. It is unstoppable and non-negotiable.

Let us enter year 2018, watchful, alert and prayerful, as our Lord Jesus instructed us ( Luke 21: 36 ). Pray that our sightless eyes be anointed by God, the Holy One, to see Him as He is, a God of love and the Righteous Judge over the world.

Make it your ambition to pursue a deepening knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and spiritual maturity, which will lead to stability and prevent one from being tossed about or led astray by fear or false beliefs.( 2 Peter3:18 ).

May His blessings be yours in abundance this New Year.

Dr Boey Mee Leng

Healthcare Christian Fellowship
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New Year Day of Prayer-7 January 2017

New Year Day of Prayer-7 January 2017

2017 began with a time of dedication and prayer to the Lord. The meeting was hosted by the HCF team in Kandang Kerbau Women and Children’s Hospital. Speaker Dr Ang Hui Kheng from Cru Singapore spoke on “ Spiritual Resilence & Fruitfulness”. She emphasized the need to be fruitful in ministry and to glow as a light for the Lord. Group prayers were led by various leaders representing Healthcare Authorities, Allied Healthcare, Polyclinics, Foreign Healthcare workers and the Singapore Nurses Christian Fellowship. It was a time of heartfelt petition to the Lord for healthcare in our nation.

Dental Fellowship Prayer Meeting
    26 Jan 2017 @ University of Singapore

Dr Boey was invited to address a group of 30 dental students and dentists from National Dental Centre (DNC), and National University Healthcare System (NUHS). The group meets weekly and is much involved in overseas missions. They have blessed many nations with tender loving dental care. The message was about the Kingdom of God and serving God in the market place. She encouraged them to extend their borders, and connect with the larger body of Christ within healthcare.

HCF Regional Meeting
    Penang, 9th – 12th March 2017

The HCF Regional meeting was held in Stella Maria Centre, Penang. 20 Delegates from Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand , Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore participated. Ms Brenda Bosch from South Africa taught on “Member Care for Self and Others”. It was a much needed teaching to help missionaries care for themselves & for their care providers, family & friends to identify the stressors & needs of missionaries, so that the latter can thrive on the field and at home.

HCF Malaysia-Singapore Conference
  Miri, East Malaysia; 21-23 April 2017

Theme: Redeeming the Time

Singapore Delegates

Singapore Delegates

Miri delegates

Miri Delegates

The venue of HCF Malaysia-Singapore Conference was at the Dynasty Hotel, Jalan Miri-Pujut. The keynote speaker was Prof Maniam, a retired psychiatrist. Others who shared were Dr Boey and Rev Elisha Chien. Morning devotions were led by Dr Stephen Chew and Dr Marilyn Bouniu. An estimated 100 delegates participated. They were mainly from Malaysia, Miri, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh. Singapore sent 11 representatives.

Dr Boey’s talk was entitled “Following Jesus in a culture of Mental Illness.” The messages shared were Bible-centred and Christ exalting. We were deeply encouraged by the presence, enthusiasm and input of many young healthcare workers.

Thanksgiving Dinner
  10 July 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner Photo 1
Thanksgiving Dinner Photo 2


A Thanksgiving Dinner honoring the works of our Pastors & Volunteers was held at Qian Xi (Farrer Park) Restaurant Pte Ltd.

100 volunteers of our hospital outreaches and guests were treated to a sumptuous, gourmet meal. Hospital staff, church cell group members, and pastors worshipped God and enjoyed fellowship with one another. A powerpoint presentation of the history of HCF outreaches from 1994 to 2017, revealed the powerful hand of God in the outreaches. Volunteers testified of salvation and joy in those they ministered to. All gave glory to God for His mighty work in the hospitals.

Thank you so much for inviting me. I was so privileged to attend this dinner. I felt the presence of God during the Praise & Worship.” Mages

Healthcare Christian Fellowship
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South Asia Conference
  Sri Lanka 4-8 October 2017@Club Palm Bay

Theme: Behold the Lamb

Beautiful river @ Resort

Beautiful river @ Resort

Standing in prayer

Standing in prayer

4 delegates from Singapore were among the 300 who attended this Conference. 40 medical students from the medical faculty in Sri Lanka also joined in. Brotherly bond between the nations were deeply felt as the they prayed for the suffering church in Syria & other persecuted countries. Messages from the Word pierced the hearts of all present. For many, this Conference was a life-changing one.

Global Prayer Summit @ Sri Lanka
  9-13 Oct 2017

Theme: The Cries of the Suffering Church

Praying in unison

Praying in unison

 Worship Team

Worship Team

Approximately 150 participants from 50 nations united in earnest intercession at the Summit. The persecuted in healthcare were lifted to the throne of God’s grace in earnest supplication

Dr Lloyd Rhinnon from the International School of Reconciliation took the morning devotions. She addressed the pertinent issues of forgiveness, the Cross and reconciliation. The 6 continents of the world were bathed in prayers, as well as the territories of 10-40 windows and 4-14 windows

The worship team from Wales were a delight to work with. Worship was Spirit-led and uplighting.

According to one veteran participant, this Prayer Summit was the “best so far.”

Global Leaders Summit
  14-18 October 2017

Theme: Fulfilling our Mandate – Equipping Leaders for action & working in teams

Disciple Making Tools

Disciple Making Tools

Praying for HCF HongKong

Praying for HCF HongKong

Representatives from different HCF Regions were present.They were later grouped into 4-5 Regions each. Robust discussions took place and action plans etched out. HCF Hongkong was inducted into HCFI at this meeting.

DNA of HCFI re-stated:
The Great Commission(Matt 28:19-20); the GreatCommandment ( John 15:12-13); the Great Beatitudes (Matt 5: 3-12); the Great Prayer (Luke 11:1); ultimate goal: the Great Kingdom (Ps 103:19)

Hospital Visitation Seminar
  2 December 2017

Hospital Visitation Seminar December 2017 Trainers


Hospital Visitation Seminar December 2017 Participants


31 persons attended the seminar held in the National University Hospital. They included some members from a cancer support group. The participants were enthusiastic and keen to minister to patients.

The objective of the training was to equip church members to approach and effectively minister to patients in a Christ-like manner.It is applicable to the sick in hospitals or in communities.

Trainers were encouraged by the enthusiasm and motivation of the participants.

Healthcare Christian Fellowship
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Christmas Caroling 16 Dec 2017
  TTSH, Mount Elizabeth Hospital Orchard & Novena), National University Hospital (NUH)

Carolers in Tan Tock Seng Hosptial (TTSH)
Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Orchard Road

Top left: Carolers in Tan Tock Seng Hosptial (TTSH)
Top right : Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Orchard Road

The Christmas season saw carolers in 4 hospitals (2 private & 2 restructured). Volunteers from different churches partnered with healthcare workers to sing carols and bring gifts to cheer patients. Those who attended the recent Hospital Visitation Seminar were among the the new volunteers. An Indonesian church reached out to foreign patients from Bangladesh, Cambodia & Indonesia. Some of the ‘newbies’ were deeply touched by the warm response from healthcare staff and patients.


New Year Day of Prayer & Dedication

Date : 6 January 2018
Theme : Discipleship
Venue :
   Tower Block, #08-04,
   National University Health Services (NUHS),
   Lower Kent Ridge Road.
Time : 2text-align: left;.00pm-5.00pm
Speaker ::
   Prof Hooi Shing Chuan
   NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Come join us & dedicate the New Year to the Lord and pray for heath care in Singapore

Chinese New Year Outreaches:

Saturday, 24th February 2018
   @ TTSH & NUH

Malaysia – Singapore HCF Conference

Date : 20-22 April 2018
Venue :
   Raibow Paradise Beach Hotel,
   527 Jalan Tanjung Bungah,
   112 Penang, Malaysia
Theme : Discipleship in the Health Field
Speaker : Prof Maniam Thambu
Contact :
   012 913 2861 or

Action Team 2016

Dr Boey Mee Leng
Dr Stephen Chew
Dr Santhos Lionel Thomas
Dr Karuna
Peter So
Tan Chiew Hwa
Admin assistant- Mary Rajasvery

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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations….” Matt 28:19-20

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Venue: No 16 Lentor Place, Singapore 789003
Date: 3rd Saturday of the month
Time: 2.30 pm - 5.00pm

You are cordially invited to join us in worship and prayer to our heavenly Father who alone is worthy of all praise and honor. Let us unite our hearts in prayer as we commit the healthfields of our nation to Him who alone can do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think.

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