God seats on the Throne

In 2016, the Book of Exodus was the bible study guide in our hospital fellowship group. Embedded in its pages is an indelible mark of a King whose authority is evident in every human affair, whether political, economic, social, personal or corporate. There is nothing He does not know nor see.

Leaders, Heads of state, CEOs, hospital authorities come and go. He raises them up and brings them down ( Dan 2:21). God alone remains seated, undisplaced and unchanging. History is in His hands. His Kingdom is unshakeable (Heb 12:27).

We enter the year 2017 filled with uncertainties. The economic turbulence, shifting alliances in politics add to our insecurity. Some settle for ‘whatever will be, will be’ or ‘leave everything to God’ attitude. Clearly this is not the way of Scripture. A mental assent of God’s truth with no inward change of heart, declares itself in religious activities and spiritual stagnation amidst wearisome earthly concerns. The list is long. Children’s education, aging parents, health problems, workplace ‘politics’, relational issues, business risks, financial loss, etc. Vexed, we ask “ God are you there and do you really care?”

Who can offer us answers more than our Lord Jesus can? Even so, there are preachers who offer God’s favor, ‘name and claim’ blessings, as well as positive thinking techniques apart from the full counsel of God-messages and teachings
that leave one with good feelings, but definitely deceptive and dangerous.

Christmas and New Year are seasons of rest, reflection and worship. In the quiet shelter and simplicity of every home, let us take time to remember the awesome power and love of our Lord. 2016 events provide a panorama of the history of a recent past. The present and future work of our King in our lives and the nations will be fulfilled in all its fullness according to His purposes. He alone is the source of life, hope and peace for all the nations of the world.

How then shall we live? Because He is on the throne, we can live without anxiety, frustration and futility and with no fear of the future.  Whatever our circumstance and situation, we can call upon His name and be like a tree planted by the waters, yielding fruit throughout the seasons of drought (Jer 17:7,8). He promises to complete the good work He began in us ( Phil 1:6). How wonderful!

Wishing you and your beloved family a blessed New Year!

Dr Boey Mee Leng

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