Desired Outcome of Divine Plumbline Course – Testimony by Merly Chee

I have learnt that through the influence of false prophets (parents, teachers, leaders, arts/media, etc) in my life, I experienced a love deficit early in my formative years. As a result, I began to build walls of rejection and rebellion which in turn gave rise to passive and aggressive personality traits and profiles. I reacted to life situations and relationships based on these personality traits. I have created for myself false plumblines contrary to God’s divine plumbline of truth and love for my life.

The course teaches us that Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone, upon which we can reliably build our lives. We must let Jesus Christ become the source of our redemption and restoration by ‘crucifying’ on the cross our negative traits on a daily basis. When we co-operate with the Holy Spirit, truth will replace all the deception which we have previously been subjected to, and the truth will set us free and impact the way we live our lives.

I learnt a great deal from the sessions which comprised 40-45 minutes of teaching on video where concepts were defined by Scriptures and the sharing of real-life experiences. This was followed by a time of sharing from the participants. I benefited immensely from the sharing session. This was when I received healing of deep wounds of the past. I believe that the extent to which a person receives healing and deliverance is highly dependent on his/her willingness to be vulnerable. God will meet us at our point of vulnerability and minister to us with His healing grace and power.The openness of the participants surprised me and I truly benefited from that. At the end of the 4-day course, I felt that I was greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved by God through the healing I received. I acknowledge too, that the healing process will be a continuous one.

Facilitation is done in small groups of 3 to 4. Hence, it is non-threatening and effective. I was particularly touched by our facilitator, Leonora van Tonder who fasted and prayed for the participants throughout the course. With such sacrificial love, it is no wonder that we experienced God’s power during the ministry time as He honoured us with His loving presence.

This course is highly recommended. Why? Just as visiting Israel is a return to the roots of our Christian Faith, attending the Divine Plumbline course brought me back to the root questions of my humanity i.e. who am I (Ontology), how do I know (Epistemology), where am I coming from and going to (Teleology) and what has value to me (Axiology). When I honestly dealt with these questions with the help of the Holy Spirit, I was on my way to receiving restoration, manifesting the fruit of the Spirit and living the abundant and victorious life Christ has promised us.

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