Healthcare Christian Fellowship Caroling, 13 December 2014 National University Hospital

More than 100 Christians from several churches in Singapore gathered at the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Seminar room on the Saturday afternoon of 13 December 2014. Participants were divided into 5 teams of carolers. I had the privilege to serve alongside a group of experienced carolers led by Pastor Lucy from St James Church. We sang in Wards 52 & 53.

We started with a prayer asking for God’s presence to be with us. God indeed prepared the hearts of the patients. To our astonishment, as we approached Ward 52 we received a request from a patient to receive Christ as Saviour. How we praise the Lord for this salvation!

Many patients were attracted by our singing in the wards. We sang to a captive audience in each ward. An elderly lady assisted by a nurse made her way slowly towards us as we sang and she allowed us to minister to her. As we were about to leave the ward, a young lady in a wheelchair expressed her disappointment that she missed out on our singing. We spontaneously sang “Merry Christmas” for her. I was also impressed by St. James carolers ability to sing in dialects. Elderly patients and their family members were able to sing along with us.

We had opportunities to chat with patients and some of them allowed us to pray with them. I prayed with an elderly, demented gentleman and his Indonesian domestic helper. We ended the visit by distributing gifts and wishing our patients peace and a speedy recovery.

I sensed the presence of God with us as we sang and prayed for the patients and I believe that many patients and their families were touched by Him a special way.

I was deeply touched and humbled that God could use me to bless the patients and hospital staff. We brought warmth and cheer to the gloomy and depressed looking wards. Above all, we thank God that most of the patients were open and willing to be prayed for. May our prayers bring comfort, hope and healing to their souls and bodies.

All Glory be to God!

Ms Lauren Ng

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